We have 13 teams playing Pine Tree this Spring.

U9-U11 Teams are permitted to borrow players from same year rosters.  We have some lean rosters, so we expect this will happen this Spring.  The rosters are based on our Fall team rosters, so expect to see similarities.  If an age group will be transitioning to a bigger field next Fall, that Pine Tree team will be playing up (i.e. U10G & U10B will be playing up at the U11 level for PT, to get a head start on playing 9v9).

Spring 2021 Pine Tree Rosters:

U9GBassett: H. Bureau, C. Dyer, C. Egan, E. Kelly, E. Niles, P. Roberts, S. Tomazin, A. Vogell, E. Williams

U9GFallon: M. Blaisdell, W. Bodah, H. Bozek, F. Fallon, A. Martin, L. Mynahan, E. Pepler, I. Tribuno

U9BCharette: K. Beyer, C. Charette, J. Cowie, W. Laflin, L. Martin, B. Morse, R. Ramsay, N. Swinbourne

U9BThurrell: H. Burke, E. Groshon, R. Lynch, M. Maguire, S. Snyder, R. Thurrell, B. Treem, B. Weimer

U11GBrook: I. Alves, E. Bannon, L. Blanche, N. Brook, M. Fournier, P. Gambardella, D. Johnson, A. Maher, H. Meehan, E. Pendergast, J. Redstone, K. St. Pierre, H. Tamayo

U11GDucey: A. Driscoll, A. Ducey, G. Edmunds, M. Hart, S. Kelley, L. Lafreniere, H. Meissner, R. Murphy, E. Travers, M. Wall, S. Winchenbach

U11GBassett: M. Bailey, M. Hemming, L. Howes, S. Kelly, M. Ramsay, A. Sawyer, E. Seely, E. Soth, C. Stoddard

U11GBlaisdell: K. Blaisdell, A. Cowie, I. Davis, C. Dyer, M. Fongemie, O. Link, A. Lawler, G. Martin, K. Namer, A. Tribuno

U11BReynolds: C. Crasnick, B. Cummings, R. Gelowtski, T. Godfrey,  J. Mackechnie, J. Mackenzie, B. Oslin, A. Reynolds, G. Shinners, C. Smith

U11BSharifipour: K. Chon, C. Flannery, B. Frey, G. Grondin, L. Romano, O. Sands, E. Sharifipour, H. Smetana, D. Soth, E. Wyatt

U11BFravert: J. Charsky, R. Collins, F. Curtis, E. Fravert, C. Gondolfo, C. Keller, G. Laflin, L. Martin, J. Polisner, D. Pollak, C. Sanderson, J. Serafin, W. Shumway, L. Sponseller, N. Walker

U13GDriscoll: E. Bannon, L. Driscoll, C. Furr, M. Gooch, R. Hall, D. Heanssler, A. Ingersoll, C. Juhring, I. Page, A. Paz, B. Pellenz, B. Porter, E. Stover, H. Vogell

U13GPlourde: G. Aubrey, A. Bradbury, A. Clements, V. DiSotto, N. Godfrey, L. Goding, M. Howes, M. Jacobson, R. Knight, S. Lychwala, T. Nappi, J. Plourde, A. Wall

Spring 2021 Pine Tree Registration Info:

If you played with us last Fall, you are eligible to play Pine Tree League for Spring 2021.

Registration is $75 for U9-U12 and $100 for U13-U14.

There are 6 weekend games (mostly Sundays, as in years past, though scheduling is always subject to change), NO practices.

The same uniforms that were used last Fall, will be used in the Spring.

The Pine Tree season is set to start in May and end in June.

We are hearing that as of now, it will still be 1 spectator/game.  This comes from SoccerMaine, which oversees Pine Tree.

We are not sure, but it is entirely possible that we may not get game opponents, times & locations until mid-week before each weekend game (as we did last Fall) (due to Covid and clubs/teams needing to sit out occasionally).

We understand this is not ideal for planning purposes, but it is where we are, currently, given the Covid era in which we’re operating.  Our players and volunteers’ health and safety is of the utmost importance to us.

Please register HERE by February 28.

Please note: Registration is first come, first serve.  If your age group does not have enough players to field a team (or your age group has too many players), your full registration fee will be refunded once we finalize teams.

Any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out (ScarbSoccerClub@gmail.com).